21 sacks of rice seized in Narail

21 sacks of rice seized in Narail

21 sacks of rice seized in Narail: Locals seized 24 sacks of rice distributed among the beneficiaries of the government at Chandipasha Mound of Narail Municipality in Mymensingh. The incident happened on Monday afternoon. On receiving the news, UNO went to the spot and recovered the rice and sent it to the police station. A case has been filed against the accused on Tuesday.

21 sacks of rice seized in Narail

Talking to the locals, it was said that the sacks of rice were being taken to Narail-Atharbari road by a negligence. There is a man named Mojibur Rahman. Stop the nachiman when people in Chandi Pasha area feel suspicious. In response to the people’s question, the owner of the rice bag said that he bought rice from various people in Ghosapala Amalitala Bazaar.

Another source claims that Abdul Qayyum, a dealer for food-friendly programs in Ghoshpala area, has a rice sales center. Yesterday, there was a sale of rice. Mujibur Rahman was buying rice from the area and carrying it in plastic bags. Later, the sacks of rice were seized by the people. Each bag contains 50 KG of rice. As a result, the amount of rice is about 1 thousand 200 KG.

Narail Upazila Executive Officer (UNO) Muhammad Abdur Rahim Sujan visited the spot. He recovered the rice bags from the spot and sent them to the police station. In this regard, the UNO said the rice was not packed in the government sack. But the owner of the rice bag, Mojibur Rahman, said he bought the rice from beneficiaries.

Narail Upazila food controller Sheikh Md. Abu Hassan Sanowar said, “I went to the dealer’s reservation and got it right. The food department is giving away rice at the rate of 10TK. Now what do we have to do if someone sells rice to the beneficiaries? ”

Narail Model Police Station Officer-in-Charge Manusar Ahmed said this morning, the food regulator Sheikh Md. Abu Hassan Sanawar filed a case with the police. Rice buyer Mojizur Rahman has been charged in the case.

Source: Prothom Alo


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