Politics News: Rizvi looks on desperately for relief

Rizvi looks on desperately for relief
Rizvi looks on desperately for relief


Rizvi looks on desperately for relief: BNP’s senior joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi alleged that the country was crying out for relief across the country to prevent the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus due to the consolidation of power.

On Tuesday, inaugurating a program to deliver relief from home to an organization called ‘Future of Bangladesh’ in Razerbagh, he said, “The relief that is available today is going away.” By whom? By the people of this government party. The workers of Khulna railway station are crying for some relief.

“Nurses at Kuwait Friendly Hospital are not getting food. But the people of the ruling party are bursting with rice at home. Whose rice? People’s rice. Rice bought in their money. ”

Citing the failure of the government, Rizvi said, “When it is said from all the mahalas that the epidemic must be dealt with through concerted initiatives.” Then we can see that the government is stubborn. The only way people have worked their way out for the last 3 years is by doing the unilateral work.

Rizvi looks on desperately for relief
Rizvi looks on desperately for relief (Image Credit: BdNews24.com)

A country cannot go on like this. We are still saying that all should work together to alleviate this suffering of the people. The main responsibility of the people who are in government today is to do this. However, the Awami League general secretary Seth Mantri, the information minister, are saying that relief is not stolen, rice is not stolen, we are giving exactly that. ”
He added, “Every day you will see the media open – only theft of rice, only relief. On the other side, the poor are crying in the hope of some relief on the road. ”

Referring to the government’s lack of adequate preparations to prevent coronavirus infection, Rizvi said, “We are seeing health workers who are being trimmed. This is being trimmed with various excuses. But doctors are not providing security, nor are they providing security to nurses. They cannot eat. ”

Shaukat Aziz, general secretary of Future of Bangladesh, joint general secretary Majed Bin Hassan, KG Selim, member Nahid Rahman Putul and Rabikul Habib were present on the occasion.


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