Gmail is under attack, here’s how to protect our accounts


Google recently blocked millions of phishing attempts on Gmail by cybercriminals exploiting the Coronavirus epidemic. The computer giant claims that there are 18 million Covid-19-related malware and phishing emails daily.

Many attacks use fear of financial incentives to trick users into responding with some ease. Cybercriminals linking government organizations such as the WHO have attempted to avoid working from home during the pandemic.

Google said it has changed its learning models to better understand how to filter these threats so they don’t end up in users’ mailboxes.

Surf the web without running into malware and fishing

In a Google Cloud post, the company explained how Coronavirus-related malware and phishing is monitored through systems and workflows. However, in many cases, these threats already have malware campaigns that have been updated to focus on Covid-19.

Once Google recognizes a threat, it adds it to the company’s Safe Browsing API that protects users from all of its products. Safe browsing enables you to protect over four billion devices every day.

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How to protect our Google Accounts

In Google Suite, advanced phishing and malware checks are activated by a default setting. These checks protect against malicious emails, harmful documents and anonymous URLs.

Google advises users to perform a security check, prevent downloads of files from unknown senders, verify the integrity of URLs and prevent phishing emails. Moreover, all users should be more alert to online threats during this difficult time.

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Your google account has access to all Google services like google photos, driving etc. In fact, today many people use mobile banking. So there is a chance that you can save some sensitive information like password, important documents etc. If your Goole account is compromised you will have more problems than just losing your google account. In this article how to protect your Google account.

Fortunately, google always works for making their services google safer. So they have many inbuilt security features that can be useful to secure your account. But this security feature comes with a set of hassles. But when we talk about security, we are a bit busy that it is worth having.

Google Account Recovery

This is the basic level of security that Google provides. You can add recovery email and phone number. So if your account is hacked, you can recover your account by using a recovery email or mobile number

This security feature only works if you use it as soon as your account is hacked. Since the moment your account is hacked, the hacker may change the recovery email or phone number.

Here are the steps you can follow in setup recovery options.

  • In the chrome browser for the google account icon in the top section
  • Click on that icon and then click My Account.
  • In the My Account section if you scroll down you will see the option for Sign In and security.
  • Under sign-in and security, you get the option for recovering email and phone numbers.
  • Fill in the information and you are all set.

Two-Step Verification

Two-step verification is a great security tool to secure your Google account. With this feature, you will get a prompt on your registered cell phone every time you try to login to your google account. So if a hacker wants to hack your account they need your cellphone also to log in. It’s hard for them to hack your account.

Below the steps, you can follow to set up two-step verification.

  • Go to my account section of your google section
  • Click on sign in to a security
  • Enable two-step verification.
  • Register your device

Google Authenticator

Google authenticator is the best tool to secure your Google account. You need to get a different token every time you try to log in. That’s a 6-digit token that changes every minute. So to login to your google account you need the password and random code generated by the authenticator software. This makes it almost impossible to hack your account.


Hopefully, after reading this article you will get a basic idea of ​​how to protect your Google account. No tool can be protected unless you take precautions. What if you enabled all the security features but saved all the passwords in the browser. Anyone can hack your account if you do that. So you need to add security features and take precautions to protect your account.


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