HSC will be completed within a month

HSC will be completed within a month
HSC will be completed within a month

Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) and equivalent examination will begin after Corona’s situation which is quite normal in the country. Due to the closure of educational institutions for a long time, the deadline for conducting public audits will be reduced. The Ministry of Education will make such a decision in light of the proposal by board chairmen not to put students in session.

All education boards in the country have published a routine to start HSC and equivalent evaluation from April 1. The theoretical test will start from April 1 and will run until May 7. The following day, after the practical review from May 7 to May 5, they were asked to send the answer sheets, signatures and other papers in the order of rolls and submit them to their board. According to routine testing, the review should end in 1 month and 18 days, but due to the country situation, all preparations are delayed.

The Secretary of the Ministry of Secondary and Higher Education was informed on Tuesday. Mahbub Hossain held a video conference with the chairmen of all education boards in the country. There is talk of HSC initiation and equivalent evaluation. A policy decision was made to complete the trial in a short time.

For this reason, the chairman of the board is asked to take up a new task and submit it to the Ministry of Education to complete the review deadline within 6 months to 7 days. However, the time limit for each trial will be three hours.

If you would like to know about the inter-education board coordination of the inter-education board and chairman of Dhaka Board of Education Professor. Ziaul Haque told Jago News, “The deadline for conducting the HSC and the corresponding review will be reduced to eliminate the Corona situation. It could be completed in a month instead of a month and a half. here.He agreed to the proposal.

The chairman said, “Previously, the intervals of two to three days could be reduced in one day.” Because students have ample time to prepare for the exam, there will be no pressure on the exams to take the test one day’s rest. The review can start after the Holidays.

“We will begin the work on preparing a new test task, citing the advice and possible time of the Ministry of Education,” he added. After the work is completed, it will be sent to the Ministry of Education. If approved, it will be finalized and published on all education board websites, he said.

According to relevant sources, after waiting until the holidays on April 24, the Inter-Education Board coordination subcommittee will prepare a task after understanding the situation and fixing the starting review day after Eid. However, even if the holiday is extended, a new task will be created by specifying the possible time.

If you want to know about the Secretary of the Ministry of Secondary and Higher Education. Mahbub Hossain told Jago News, “The HSC examination will begin if the Corona situation is relatively normal. The trend will be published 5 days before the exam begins in preparation for the candidates.

He said, “The issue of conducting the examination was discussed through a video conference with the concerned including the Chairman of the Board of Education, Controller of Examinations, Senior System Analyst. All decisions will be made based on the situation. ‘

At the meeting, it was proposed to limit the optional leave according to the academic calendar as all educational institutions of the country were closed for a long time to prevent transmission of coronavirus. If there is no normal situation, the test result will be notified to the students by sending an SMS to their mobile. The results can also be viewed on the board’s website.


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